Friday, November 5, 2010

Activities of daily living in mental illness disability cases in Mississippi.

One very important factor in deciding your disability claim based on mental illness, is how your condition effects your activities of daily living.

This refers to how your illness impacts your daily life. For example, does your illness cause difficulty in things like cleaning, shopping, cooking, driving, paying bills, keeping up your house, grooming and hygiene, etc. The more your illness causes you difficulty in these types of tasks, the more likely your disability claim will be approved.

This information can be proven by your own testimony or the reports you have made to your doctors. This can also be proven by the testimony of a spouse, relative or friend who has witnessed you having problems with these tasks. This is especially true if these witnesses have had to assist you in some of these tasks. The importance of calling these witnesses can be the difference between your claim being approved, and it being denied. Despite the obvious importance of these witnesses to testify, many lawyers overlook the witnesses and rely only upon the claimant’s testimony. In our opinion, this is a big mistake and can result in your disability claim being denied.


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