Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Disability for amputated hand, amputated arm or amputated leg in Mississippi

A person who has lost a hand, arm or leg due to amputation may qualify for disability in Mississippi.

What is an amputation?

Amputation of a body part means that the body part is completely removed. In disability cases, amputation usually involves the arms or legs.

Amputations can be either surgical or traumatic. Surgical amputation occurs when a doctor does surgery and removes the limb in order to prevent infection and further damage to the body. Traumatic amputation occurs when some type of trauma or accident cuts the limb from the body.

Causes of Amputation

Amputation can be caused by a number of things. Common causes of amputation are diabetes, traumatic injuries due to accidents, blood circulation problems, Peripheral Vascular Disease, infections, bone cancer, sepsis, and other illnesses.

Disability for Amputation

Loss of a hand, arm or leg can cause a person to be disabled (unable to work). Social security disability law considers several factors to decide whether the amputation qualifies a person for disability. These factors include:

a. the body part (hand, arm or leg) that was amputated;

b. the physical effects of the loss of the hand, arm or leg;

c. whether there were multiple amputations;

d. the effects of a prosthesis on the injury and ability to work; and

e. the effect of the loss of the hand, arm or leg on the person’s activities of daily living.

As with all cases, it is vital that proper proof of each of these factors be submitted to the SSA. The more proof that is submitted, the more likely the person will be approved for disability.

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